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From smaller home projects to larger commercial build-outs, we pride ourselves on offering materials and services that attract a wide audience. Whether you have a small DIY project and just need a few boards or maybe a simple dining table, mantel or shelf you need built. We provide services that fit a weekend warrior budget as well as large commercial build-outs and luxury home builds.

In addition to our materials and services, we often have classes and demonstrations that attract and inspire people who would like to take on a few projects themselves. These demos are most often free and cover basic and advanced topics ranging from tool use to in-the-field tips and tricks for installations. We also sponsor events at our location that bring the community together and introduce new woodworkers and metalworkers to the maker community and the tool manufacturers. To see more of our upcoming events, follow the button below…

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The Dreams Stuff is Made Of

It takes a creative and hard working team to take a project from dream to reality. We have been blessed with a talented and creative staff as well as a facility that allows us to produce a wide variety of custom work. In addition, we’ve formed wonderful working relationships with artisans and materials suppliers that provide us with capabilities outside of our regular scope of work. If you have a unique project that presents a creative challenge, we’d love to see if we can build it for you. Contact one of our design/sales team today!

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Let’s Build Something Together

We build just about anything out of just about everything for just about anyone. Seem vague? We like to dream, we like to try new things, and we take pride in our work. If you have a fun project and need something built, look no further. Our team is always ready to take on new challenges and exciting designs. With a wood shop, metal shop, concrete shop, and finish and contracting teams at our disposal, we fabricate projects of all kinds. Our traditional processes as well as modern CNC capabilities give us an edge in creating both hand-made one-offs and production runs in a multitude of materials. Come see what we do and start dreaming up your next projects.

Want to use your own reclaimed materials?
We have worked with a multitude of customers who want to use reclaimed materials from their own supply. Whether it’s your granfather’s old barn, the metal sheeting from your old business warehouse, or just a fun find that you want to integrate into your project, we work with you to utilize these materials to make your project special. Some examples of this are the pallet wood from Fa-me Cafe, the Gannon Closet Doors with the growth chart from her family barn, or the Packard emblem we used for the door handle on our Packard Door.
working on a restaurant?
Restaurants are a wonderful opportunity to blend art and function. The hospitality industry in general prides itself on unique and customer-centric design and service. We want to help you do this by designing and building projects that add that special something that excites your guests. We have helped to provide materials and custom solutions for a multitude of restaurants and hospitality industry clients. Already have a designer/architect who has created the overall look? No problem… We love to work with the designer or architect to implement their designs. Feel free to inquire today and send over plans or take-offs for bid.
Doing a whole home remodel or flip?
We have completed several whole-home remodels for customers complete with demolition, drywall, custom cabinetry, built-ins, furniture, fixtures, and even final cleaning. We coordinate with our contracting teams to do everything from start to finish. Have a flip that you need a little feature in? We provide unique solutions that add appeal to seemingly dull spaces and can create artistic elements that separate your home from others on the market. Come see what we can do to help you build your dream home or investment property.
have a question about our shop capabilities?
Whether it’s wood, metal, glass, concrete, leather, plastic, styrofoam, acrylic, you name it…. We build just about anything. We have a talented team of makers that can customize and construct artistic and we’re always willing to try something different. If you have a bizarre project or are just can’t find someone to build something the way you need it, feel free to reach out and we’d love to take a stab at it.
doing a television show and need to schedule a shop day?
We have a very TV friendly environment and several shows have filmed on our lot for everything from Sizzle Reels and Pilots to HGTV and PBS specials. Feel free to contact us if you need to schedule a time to bring the crew down and create some shop magic. We work with the teams to try and make filming easier and more productive. Our shop areas are well-lit and evap cooled or air conditioned depending on which workshop you are filming in. Feel free to inquire at

Client Testimonials

“Where do I even start? Porter Barn Wood is not just a company, but a group of fantastic human beings who willingly put the customer before themselves. They are personable, caring, and so incredibly responsive and responsible. They truly are a family with open arms that addressed any need or question with no hesitation. These incredible people took the time to get to know who we were and learn about our situation in order to provide us with the best service possible.”


“If you are looking for reclaimed wood, this is the best place you’ll ever find in Arizona! They have an enormous, I mean enormous, selection of every kind of reclaimed wood you can think of! They also have reclaimed wooden doors and windows as well as reclaimed galvanized steel. They can manufacture pretty much anything you can think of out of the reclaimed wood if you want them to (I’m having them manufacture a fireplace mantel out of a reclaimed barn beam). Much of their wood comes from the Midwest. The owner is very personable and knowledgeable as are the rest of the staff there.”


“Awesome place to find all kinds of reclaimed building materials. Great friendly staff. Always willing to help even when you buy small quantities. Love this place.”


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