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We are always looking for talented and dedicated craftsman for our industry. If you are currently seeking employment and believe you might be a good fit for our operation, feel free to reach out and contact us. Listed below are current openings that we are actively searching for. 

Welder / Fabricator: 
We are looking for a welder / fabricator who is skilled in making furniture, gates, and other custom pieces in our Porter Iron Works division. This person should have experience in MIG welding and making fixtures / jigs. Other skills that we utilize in the shop and would be desireable in an applicant would be: TIG, brazing, oxy/acetaline torch, handheld plasma torch, CNC plasma table operation and programming, blacksmithing, upholstery, and minimal woodworking skills. Auto mechanic experience is also a plus. Typical hourly wage for a standard welding position is $18-20/hr. Higher level positions available to those who can demonstrate proficiencies and or experience that would warrant it. Standard hours are 6am-3pm Mon-Fri. Earlier hours available with some flexibility. Overtime is available on occassion. 

Cabinetmaker / Lead Woodworker:
We are looking for someone with advanced skills in cabinet and furniture making. Ideal candidates would be experienced and proficient in a commercial woodworking shop and be able to demonstrate safe and efficient manufacturing practices with high quality results. This position requires the ability to identify wood species from our stock, choose material that suits the project based on the customer preferences and build requirements, as well as the ability to work with reclaimed and new materials. Standard hours are 6am-3pm Mon-Fri with overtime available on occassion. We maintain a drug free environment and background checks may be required.

We are looking for someone who has experience in woodworking or auto body finishing. This person should know how to use a multitude of finishes including, but not limited to: lacquer, urethanes, oils, waxes. We do a multitude of prioprietary finishes and custom finishes on both new and reclaimed woods as well as different metals, fiberglass, and other materials. Occassionally we do automotive style finishes as well. Typical hours are 6am-3pm Mon-Fri. 

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