Fà-me Caffe

Welcome to one of our favorite restaurants, Fà-me Caffe, in Phoenix. We had the pleasure of building quite a few things for this restaurant. The main communal table in the restaurant is one of our X-base steel table bases with a reclaimed white oak top. The light fixture above it is one of our reclaimed hand-hewn beams that we outfitted with custom straps, mounting hardware, and canopy. The signage for the restaurant was built here in our shop as well and installed by our team. There’s one of our live edge oak bar top at the coffee bar. The combination of wood/steel is a prevalent theme throughout the restaurant. The entire place is covered in pallet wood that they provided to us to mill and finish with a dirty-brush/lacquer technique that gives it an edge you won’t find on most pallet walls. There’s even little cutting boards in their displays that they use for food presentation and dining that we built and laser engraved here in the shop. You may see an extra item or two like reclaimed window panes or even a reclaimed wood Christmas tree pop-up for viewing in the restaurant. Lots of warm and inviting textures in this restaurant. If you have not been to this restaurant yet, we highly recommend it. Aside from the decor, the food and the people there are fantastic!

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