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Have a fun project in the works? Do you have a custom home or commercial space that needs custom furnishings, architectural details, or specialty services? We provide materials and services that will allow you to be as involved or hands-off on the build as you like. From complete home remodels and commercial tenant improvement spaces to even the smallest DIY projects, feel free to reach out and see if we can help you do it. We love building things both big and small. Contact us today!

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What information will you need to provide?
Typically, we can give quotes based on very simple dimensions. For instance, with a door order we ask for the opening size and space to the right/left/above the door and a picture of the space. For walls, we ask for basic length x height so we can calculate square footage and waste factor. For custom furniture, home remodels, and commercial TI’s, etc. we typically ask for inspiration photos, dimensions, etc. Feel free to include as much info as you can.
Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?
Yes, it is common that we work with designers, architects, manufacturers, etc. with original intellectual property that requires NDA’s. We will review non-disclosure agreements and treat them with the utmost respect. We love working with talented product designers interested in making something unique. Feel free to describe your project and send necessary forms directly to our email address.
Do you just work with barn wood?
No, we work with all sorts of materials and are using new mediums every day. We have a very capable custom shop where we work with woods, metals, plastics, glass, concrete, and other materials to create fully custom projects in house. This means you can bring us just about anything and if we can’t make it, we’d let you know. It’s rare that we get something out of our scope of capability.
can we buy materials without services?
Certainly… The minimum purchase is “a board”. We work with customers both large and small. It’s quite often we have someone visit the lot for a small DIY project. We also work with contractors/builders to provide unprocessed materials. However, many choose to add our milling services and/or other services to assist in making builds easier.
What is the typical lead time?

Although we base our lead times on current shop project load, we maintain a fairly standard build time for the different shops as follows: *subject to change – please consult a sales/design team member for more accurate lead times.

Materials Only: (Same Day Typically) – Large orders may require sorting time
Milling: 4-6 Weeks (6-8 weeks w/ Finish added)
Metal Shop: 6-8 Weeks
CNC Laser, Plasma, Router, Machining Center: 3-4 weeks
Custom Woodworking: 12-14 Weeks
Installations: 12-14 Weeks Standard

Rush Services: (25% Upcharge) Typically 2x Speed for turnaround time. For example: 3-4 week lead time for milling services would be 1-2 weeks.

Do you deliver/Ship?
Yes, we deliver (quotes upon request) and we crate and ship all over the country and sometimes overseas. We work with shipping brokers to get you the best possible LTL and FTL rates. On small orders and samples we can ship via UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Feel free to contact us with your destination information and we’d be glad to get an estimate.

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