33% Off Shorts!

$1500 – 500sf Bundle

w/Free shipping within
USA lower 48 states. 

33% Off Regular Price. We have a lot more reclaimed material coming in soon, so we are selling off our “Tobacco Barn Shorts” piles at super low prices to make room for more. This is the same mixed hardwood materials we use on many of our residential and commercial projects and they look fantastic! “Shorts” is a term we use to describe boards that are typically around 3-5′ or less in length and may not be suitable for all projects because of their small size. These boards are a mixture of hardwoods that are typically brown or grey but may also have red, black, white, or various other colors depending on the barn they came from. They vary in width from 4″ to 16″+ and thickness of 5/8 to 1″+. They consist of many different species including but not limited to: Beech, Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak, Sassafras, Butternut, Chestnut, Birch, Maple, Hickory, and more…

We have thousands of board feet in stock, so come check it out. Once they’re gone, price will return to $4.50/sf. We also offer milling services if you’d like to turn this lumber into your next project but don’t have the machinery necessary to do the millwork. Feel free to inquire about a quote at howdy@porterbarnwood.com.

Tobacco Barn Shorts Wall Mixed Colors

Tobacco Barn Shorts Wall Brown

Tobacco Barn Mixed Color Sliding Door

Tobacco Grey Shorts Sliding Door

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