Young’s Market

Mar 30, 2017

Young’s Market approached us through DelMastro Contracting to provide them with all sorts of materials and components for their recent buildout. They have created a specialty training and event space at their location.¬†Here are a list of some of the items you will see:

Mushroom Wood Wall Covering: We provided custom finished, brushed, sanded mushroom wood for the wall coverings. We two different distinct tones of white wash in a flat lacquer and distressed them to match the rugged nature of mushroom wood. The walls were installed by Rulapaugh.

Mushroom Wood Boxed Beams: Throughout the bar area and across the face, there are many beam facades that give the impression of a post and beam structure to complete the look. The beams are a hardwood plywood and mushroom wood product we fabricated in house to create seamless looks. They were finished to match the wall coverings.

Sycamore Bar Face: The front of the bar is made from wide plank sycamore we milled down from larger slabs and finished with a specialty glaze and lacquer.

Sycamore Bar Tops: We created several live edge drink rails and tops for the space. The deep grey/brown custom conversion varnish finish matches the bar face.

Bar Racks: There are 4 separate mirror backed cages that line the back of the bar we fabricated from steel in our Porter Iron Works shop. They are finished in antique black and have been lit with led’s for display of bottles.

Lighting: There are several sconces we made in the iron shop that decorate the walls.

Doors: We made the pre-hung doors that provide entry to the bar and back rooms to match the mushroom wood walls and beams. Made from 100% reclaimed materials, the doors and jams both provide the same rustic but refined look.

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