Undertow – Phoenix, AZ

Oct 2, 2016

Meet the Backers: Brian Stark and Wes James
This sweet little space nestled underneath Sip Coffee in Phoenix is a hidden Tiki Bar that makes you feel like you’re in the bellows of an old ship in the ocean. Featured on Discovery Channel’s “Blue Collar Backers” television program, the restaurant has quickly become a hot spot and people are lining up to take a voyage. Here is a list of items we manufactured for Undertow: •Menu Books – The wood/leather menus are laser engraved and hand riveted. •Bar Stools – Reclaimed mixed hardwood rounds with lacquer finish. Steel posts anchored to the concrete floor. Integrated foot rest. •Tables – Mermaid inspired steel bases with reclaimed mixed hardwood tops. •Triangle Map Table – Laser Engraved Nautical Map on mixed reclaimed hardwood with custom floor mounted steel base. •Booth – Crate-like bases made from our USPC reclaimed shipping crates and a foot rest made from military cannon fire box. Leather padded cushion seat. •Stainless – Bar trays with drains and integrated dipper wells and glass rinsers. Perforated bottle risers for sink storage. •Front Signage – Patina’d steel and hand painted acrylic laser cut logo.

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