Trade Show Crate Tables and Fold-up Table

Jun 20, 2013

Here’s a fun project we built for Flipped Bird. They needed a shipping container for all their trade show stuff that could double as an awesome display table. They came down to the yard to see what kind of reclaimed materials we had. I suggested we build the crates from the reclaimed galvanized panels I had found recently and to have our blacksmith weld up a sturdy frame. We made wood tops from knotty alder and lacquered the whole piece. There’s a birch plywood base that is fastened to the bottom on the inside of the crate to support the items. The smaller table is collapsible and fits inside the crates as well. We have a sign plotter here at the shop so I made a stencil to paint the logo on the front. You’ll notice it joins together using a combination of toggle clamps and cam clamps. This allows the crate to be separated and then lined up as two individual tables or as one long table. There are locator pins to help guide it together when locking it back up for transport. The smaller table has locator pins to hold it together and requires no hardware or clamps to assemble and disassemble. It’s a really neat setup! Below you’ll see pictures from the build including the original 3d sketch I provided beforehand to iron out the details before welding. I imported the actual panel texture to the drawing to show exactly what it would look like. Pretty fun!

Check out Flipped Bird’s sites here:

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