R Salon

R Salon is a fun and talented salon in Phoenix that let us design some stylist stations for them. Once we started doing the stations, we just kept adding on more fun projects, and still are. In one room we have the mushroom wood wall and the industrial sliding stations and mirrors. The drawers are mushroom wood as well. The drawer pulls are made from repurposed sheers. All of the stations can be moved on the large track that spans from wall to wall, allowing for the addition/subtraction of stations as needed. In the same room we used a hay trolley and antique track to suspend electrical cords for the dryer chairs. We also built the barrier for the bar area with a custom CNC cut logo. In the other room we used our Johnny Cash stash of cherry wood. The stations have cherry faced drawers and the walls are mixed cherry original face surfaces. You’ll also notice a huge locker set we installed on one of the walls. We made that in the Porter Iron Works shop. Lots of stuff in here that’s fun! Check it out sometime when you’re in the area. It’s on NW corner of 20th St & Camelback.

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