Outside Tocaya Modern Mexican

Jun 5, 2019

Outside Tocaya Modern Mexican

Outside Tocaya Modern Mexican you will see our work. Metal and wood fencing surrounds the location along with planters and table tops that we built.

The Fence

We fabricated the metal and wood fencing around the outside of the restaurant like the inside it has a brass look to the finish.

The Table Tops

Each table top outside is made of our mixed hardwoods.

The Planters

At the shop they were called the “1000 pound planters” which they are. GFRC concrete construction inlayed with herringbone patterned sassafras. Brass top to draw the theme through out the restaurant.

You can see our live videos of the pouring for the planters on YouTube. Check them out below. There are two live videos because we failed at the first attempt. Which is entertaining. 

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