New City Church Sign

Here’s a fun project we built for New City Church. Their sign needed a revamp so we put on our creative thinking caps and decided to throw together something a little different. This piece has a lot of reclaimed material and was built in our PBW shop, our blacksmith’s shop, and at another Co.’s water jet shop. The design lends itself really well to a sign remodel because we essentially made it to sandwich itself and bolt down over the existing sign. The materials that make this sign up are: Steel angle, reclaimed weathered red oak 4/4, reclaimed galvanized steel, aluminum back straps, polycarbonate, and vinyl. Over time this sign will weather and change color but always maintain a reclaimed feel. It will be fun to see it change color. I’m sure the sign will get some notice and I hope it does its job. New City is an awesome church doing some great things.

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