Mixed Tobacco Barn Grey/Brown Wood Wall + Murphy Bed + Dog Murphy Bed + Cabinets

Jun 9, 2017

With the appearance of a wood wall covering at first glance, once unraveled, you’ll find much more that’s behind this beautiful mixture of Tobacco Barn Grey/Brown barn wood.  Underneath this wood wall, you’ll find not just one but two Murphy beds, storage cabinets, drawers, a closet, and even a hidden compartment.  Because we couldn’t forget about man’s best friend, we made a Murphy bed on the side of the King sized Murphy Bed.  You’ll find a hidden compartment behind the Doggy murphy bed, and cabinets above and around the beds.  On the right side of the bed, you’ll see we integrated a small closet along with drawers that can hold all the essentials you need.  The Headboard is made from the same mixture of Tobacco Barn Grey/Brown providing that rustic accent and vibe.

Is there anything more that you could ask out of a wall project?

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