Knotty Alder Country Table

Apr 27, 2013

Here’s a beautiful table from the Porter Barn Wood Shop. We built this to show off Bjorn’s finishing capabilities and expertise as well as services we provide in the shop. We made this table for the “How to Build a Reclaimed Dining Table” workshop. This simple design is put together using the Kreg Jig for pocket hole screws. We laminated the top at the PBW shop and the legs (believe it or not) are actually 4 pieces laminated together and jointed up in the shop. We ran the top through our wide belt sander to get it super flat and smooth. We offer all of these services to our customers under our regular hourly shop rate. We will be selling this table and you can currently see it in the tent at the Porter Barn Wood lot during our business hours.

4/4 Knotty Alder
Kreg Jig pocket hole screws (
Centerline Drawer slides 14″ over extend w/ soft close (from Rockler Phoenix)
Custom Bjorn Company Lacquer Finish (Bjorn Olson of Porter Barn Wood)

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