Kaleidoscope Juice

Mar 8, 2014

Mushroom wood is one of our favorite wall/ceiling coverings. It has a very unique texture that is unlike anything else. It is cypress/hemlock that comes from mushroom barns and the enzymes from the mushrooms eat away at the surface creating the texture. We get it washed/sandblasted and bring it to Phoenix where we typically mill it up for use as naturally organic, functional, wood-art. In this case, we supplied the team over at Kaleidoscope Juice with materials to deck out their new store in Chloe’s Corner @ Cityscape in Phoenix. At the same time, Chloe’s decided to do a little remodeling with some tobacco barn wood and reclaimed tin from our lot. Oddly enough, the designers for both accidentally bumped into each other at the lot on the same day. Small world. 🙂 We sent out one of our commercial installers to put the wood up and build a few shelves and accents for the customer. This certainly added a whole lot of eye candy to an already charming place. Go check it out!

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