Four States Sliding Barn Door

May 4, 2013

This door for a customer in Anthem, AZ happens to be made up of wood from barns in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Michigan. Add The fact that it was made right here in Phoenix, AZ and we have our “Four States” door. The customers were able to come out to the yard and select the wood that makes up the door, then we took it back to our shop and milled it up. Below I included pictures of the barn where the red colored wood came from in Pennsylvania. This barn was very old and the beams were almost all American Chestnut which was blighted out in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. There is some grey siding and brown board from a barn in Michigan pictured below as well… The customers wanted to do a rusty patina on the steel and it turned out great! The texture and color really pops with the lacquer, too. The door guide is our adjustable steel/phenolic, that looks almost like ebony. This was a very heavy door to install, but fun, nonetheless.

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