Custom Sliding Door Replacement

Dec 15, 2012

Here’s a door we built to replace an existing sliding door. The previous one was made of two sheets of MDF and was painted a solid color. It was falling apart and needed to replaced. We went to the home and measured the existing hardware and door. Then we made the door in the shop to work without having to modify the current hardware at all. This door is thinner than our usual doors at just 1.5″ thick, but we were able to plane some of our grey siding down and still allow for a birch plywood core which the welded steel strap around the door attaches to. This makes for a very straight and sturdy door, but was much lighter, surprisingly than the 1 3/8″ MDF door. There is a welded steel track on the bottom door that allows the door guide mounted in the floor to steady the door. We took the existing door handle from the previous door and installed it to this one. I also made a flush pull from a piece of aluminum. The door is coated lightly in a satin lacquer.

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