American Chestnut Sliding Barn Door

Sep 4, 2014

American Chestnut has a rich history. You don’t see it very often, and for good reason. It was all blighted out in the 1890’s, which means most of the lumber you find in American Chestnut was already a mature tree over 120 years ago. This American Chestnut siding we reclaimed is from a barn in Pennsylvania. The customer fell in love with the texture and color of the wood. They commissioned us to build them a door using it. Below you’ll see pictures of the final door as well as a video we took of the installation on our GoPro setup. We sped it up so you can see the entire door install in just 45 seconds. 🙂 Enjoy! We sure love making these doors, and every one is unique and beautiful. This one is no exception.


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