Alligator Juniper Floating Shelf

Dec 16, 2012

Here’s a shelf made from one of our alligator juniper slabs. It was designed, milled, and installed by one of our professional clients, Troy Stumpfer at Modern Building and Design. He writes:

“For this slab, I peeled the bark, planed, machine and hand sanded to 220 grit and then sealed with four coats of 100% tung oil. I’m really pleased with the soft warmth. It was hung with z-clips and then secured with a small angle bracket, which I painted to match the walls. This couple wanted a sleek, yet inviting kitchen in their cozy 1940’s North Central bungalow. The slab wood really brought in the organic element they were seeking.

Kind Regards,

Troy Strumpfer
Modern Building and Design”

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