3-Tone Van Dyke Wood Walls w/ Brushed Steel Trim

Dec 31, 2014

Wood provides a warmth and organic beauty to spaces that may suffer from a case of the ordinaries. Here is a 3-tone vandyke flat lacquered wall that we trimmed out with brushed steel, and as you’ll see, this is no ordinary room. When you’re competing with a home theatre system that performs as beautifully as this one, you have to go big. We worked with the same tones of wood as a sliding door we built for this customer in an adjacent room. See here for the link to the sliding door… The frames around the doors and windows were fitted and welded up. It certainly gives the room a new and vibrant personality. See the picture below to get a better view… In the home’s entry nearby, see this other 3 tone wall we did with low voltage wired candles.


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