Quick Price List

4/4: (1″ thick or less)

Speckled Black: $3.75/sf (resawn to ~1/2″)  &  $5.50/sf (4/4)
Speckled White: $4.00/sf (resawn to ~1/2″)  &  $5.50/sf (4/4)
Speckled Grey (when available) $4.00/sf (resawn to ~1/2″)  &  $5.75/sf (4/4)
Tobacco Barn Grey: $6.50/sf
Tobacco Barn Brown: $5.50/sf
Mushroom Wood: $5.50/sf
Hemlock Siding: $4.75/sf
Cherry 3/4 (resawn): Ask for availability & pricing 
Misc. Hardwoods: $4.50-5.50/sf
Misc. Softwoods: $3.50-4.50/sf

6/4 & 8/4: (1.5″ – 2″ thick or less)

Mixed Hardwood 8/4: $6.50/bf
Mixed Hardwood 2×4’s: $5.50/bf

Red Oak: $6.50/bf
American Chestnut: $7.50/bf
White Oak: $7.50/bf
White Oak Threshing Floor: $10.50/bf
Yellow Pine (Narrow): $4.50/bf
Pine Oily Board: $7.50/bf
Pine Threshing Floor: $7.50/bf
Hemlock Threshing Floor (<12″): $7.50/bf
Hemlock Threshing Floor (>12″): $8.50/bf


10/4 & 12/4:

White Oak Joists: $7.50/bf
Hemlock Joists: $4.50/bf
American Chestnut Joists: $7.50/bf
Spruce Joists: $5.50/bf
Loblolly 12/4: $5.50/bf
Pine 12/4+: $5.50/bf

Live Edge Slabs: $5.50-15.50/bf  *special figured or rare slabs may be priced differently

White Oak: $6.50/bf
American Chestnut: $7.50/bf
Hemlock: $5.50/bf
Pine: $5.50/bf
Mixed Hardwoods: $6.50/bf

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