Oct 6-7th, 2017

Emy and I setup our booth space we’re sharing with Rockler Woodworking of Phoenix. It’s our first time attending this event and it’s pretty exciting. Emy runs our Pinterest page at Porter Barn Wood and, like many pinners, she loves to see all the inspiration out there and the talented, crafty people that are making it happen.

One thing is for sure at this event: sewing is NOT a lost art. There’s a ton of amazing seamstresses here. I love to see all of the quilts, clothing, and other fun fabric art they’re bringing. There’s sewing machines everywhere!

Food is big here too! I think it may be the anticipation of Thanksgiving that’s making me more hungry than usual but between the DIY Pie places, the cookie and candy makers, and fancy food exhibitors, there’s enough here to plan a years worth of family get-togethers. It’s funny how a few good ideas for inspiration can make you feel like hosting a feast. 🙂

We’ve met lots of people from all over the country. Many of the exhibitor and even the attendees are from across the southwest and further. Maybe it’s because Arizona is a melting pot for those who like to escape the chilly winters for a more palatable climate, or maybe it’s just the fact that Pinterest is so diverse and enjoyable for a very diverse crowd and age group. Either way, this place is hoppin’, and there’s lots to do here.

Check out a few of these cute booths they set up. As an exhibitor, I’m always impressed by the classy spaces other people come up with. Here’s some of our favorite exhibitors from the event and their spaces:

Rockler & Porter Barn Wood Booth
Pie Provisions Booth
Ahava Design Booth
modernSTITCH.sb Booth
Tandy Leather Booth

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