Lighting Techniques in Film

Lamp Left (person moving left) our right. and vice versa

Broad side (Near side) – side closest to the camera.

Short side – away from camera, on the “short” side of the face. Creates a lot of depth.

-not to be confused with short siding. Which is a framing technique, where talent is on the short side of the frame.

Side light – it on the side of the face

Rembrandt lighting – moving the light to cast light over the face and barely coming into light past the nose. creating a triangle below the eye.

Backlight – light on the back, creates depth and drama.

Rim light (Kicker) – wraps around the back of the subject.

-pair with a short side key light.

Key Light – Main source of light in your scene.

Fill light – filling in the shadows to get the light ratio that you want.

Cross Light – using one light source to light two subjects.

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