Class 1 – Thursday, September 14th 2017

“Getting Artsy Fartsy”

(Video and in-depth info coming soon…) 

Class Outline:

  1. Drafting/Tracing Intro
    • Drawing in Perspective
    • Tracing for Interior Design
    • Use of colors/textures in perspective
  2. Recycling Materials (Collecting Ideas)
    • Turning trash into treasure – making recycling profitable and stylish
    • Materials Challenge (for Homework challenge see below)

1) Try re-designing the ugly hotel room picture. If you lost yours, pick one from the images below. Redesign the room in perspective and color with your pencil set and marker the outline of the room for better contrast.
2)Pick one of these materials (or whatever you come up with) and come up with a way to make a stable material suitable for making things out of… *see examples and some fun stories about the materials below.

List of Suggested “Not-Possible” Materials:



Bubble Wrap

Nylon Pantyhose

Saw Dust

Fish Poop

Graham Cracker Crumbs

Carbon Nanotubes


Drywall Dust

Prickly Pear






Plastic Types (Basic):


Carbon Fiber:

Inspiration to Make:

Sticky Stuff Sales – Glendale, AZ

Piedmont Plastics – Phoenix, AZ

Check out our Facebook Group “Modern Makers” at the above link for posts from people within the class. This is a closed group, so you must request to be added to the group. Please be courteous about posting photos and maintain professionalism. We want to make sure we can all share information and inspire one another in a positive way.

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