Class 5 – Thursday, October 5th 2017

October 5th, 2017 – “Crank Up the Volume”

Class Outline:

  1. TV Actuator Case Project Progress
    • Review of the challenges of making the TV actuator case. Testing the actuator.
  2. 3d Printing
    • (2) 3d printers set up printing parts for show and tell in the lobby. Printing the prototype clips for the polycarbonate sides for the TV actuator case.
  3. Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver/Amplifier w/Speakers Project Intro
    • Task: Design a bluetooth speaker device to fit our components.

Homework: Design a Bluetooth enabled speaker box and define the materials and basic build sheet so we can discuss and begin construction. 


KKmoon TDA7492P 2x25W Wireless Bluetooth V2.1 Audio Receiver Amplifier Board Module with AUX Interface

Uxcell 4 Pcs Multimedia 3W 4 Ohm 40mm Dia Aluminum Internal Magnet Speaker



Inspiration Photos:

Inspiration to Make:

Check out our Facebook Group “Modern Makers” at the above link for posts from people within the class. This is a closed group, so you must request to be added to the group. Please be courteous about posting photos and maintain professionalism. We want to make sure we can all share information and inspire one another in a positive way.

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