Class Outline: (Not in a particular order) 

Start with WHY in video production

Story telling through video

Storyboarding | Shot list

Different kinds of equipment, accessories, props, tools, etc

Different cinematic styles (documentary, feature films, etc)

Post production

Lighting techniques

Color grading

How music plays an important role

Tripod techniques

How to fix mistakes in post production

The importance of good audio

iPhone/Android only video

The golden ratio/the rule of thirds

Green screen

Production crew roles

And much more

For Inspiration:

Funny Student Film

Recent PBW production

Image result for b&h photo

Great online resource for film needs

B&H Photo/Video

Lighting Techniques in Film

Lighting Techniques in Film Lamp Left (person moving left) our right. and vice versa Broad side (Near side) - side closest to the camera. Short side - away from camera, on the “short” side of the face. Creates a lot of depth. -not to be confused with short...

Rules of Cinematic Editing

Rules of Cinematic Editing EMOTION: How will this cut affect the audience emotionally at this moment in the film?  STORY: Does the edit move the story forward in a meaningful way? RHYTHM: Is the cut at a point that makes rhythmic sense?

Filming Techniques

Filming techniques: Always film in landscape mode using your phone. - DSLR and Film cameras naturally film in landscape. Tilt Up or Tilt Down in a smooth motion. Pan left or right Slide Up, Down, Right and Left the slide is likely the most important...

Start with Why

Every artist whether they are painting, working with clay, woodworking, photographing a person or landscape. They have a why. Everyone has a why, not everyone starts with why. In our first class we talked about the importance of "starting with why". Every...

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