Speckled White Resawn (Ready to Install)

$5.90 $5.55

Speckled White Resawn Ready-to-Install Materials 1-2 widths, random length.~3/8″ thick. PRICE IS PER SQUARE FOOT

Please allow 4-6 weeks plus shipping


Ready to Install materials have been “Straightlined” to prepare them for wall installation. Original face is untouched and unfinished to preserve reclaimed texture. If specific widths are desired or exact lengths cut, please contact us directly to purchase.

Speckled White is reclaimed hardwood fence planks from KY. The white patina is a result of years of age and wear on the black exterior paint used on the fence materials. (Tested: Lead-free). Our materials are typically 80″+ in length. Widths (rough) are generally 5″-5.75″. Choice of widths for ready-to-install materials is typically done during the milling process to maximize yield. Thickness is generally 3/8-1/2″. Color is typically white or aged white/grey. For full thickness materials, please see our 4/4 Speckled White product page.

(Price is per Square Foot) Choose a qty equal to your square foot needs. If you have questions about calculating waste factor, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

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