Live Edge Waterfall Epoxy Tables

We were contacted & commissioned to build two live edge waterfall epoxy tables. We built them for the San Tan Brewery in Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Creating The Tables

These two oak live edge slabs started out at over 20 feet long. Will and the team used our large CNC to surface the slabs to make them dead flat. No slab starts out flat, there is always some level of surfacing you must do. After surfacing the slabs were cut to size, flipped the live edge in.

Combat Against Leaks

The team built a substrate out of plywood and layered the substrate with Tyvek Tape, the tape kept the epoxy from sticking to it. Will and the team also pressed in silicone around the substrate to combat against any leaks. If you know epoxy it is a slow curing chemical reaction you don’t want any leaks. We recommend using Ecopoxy from Canada, it’s natural so there is no need for a mask when pouring. The red pigment is also from Ecopoxy. We let the epoxy cure over the weekend.

Finalizing The Tables

After the epoxy cured over a weekend Will and the team sent them through our wide belt sander, sanding them to finish. Once the sanding was complete they cut the slabs for the waterfall sides. Following the grained pattern and the epoxy pour we cut the corners at a two 45 degree angle. Will used our Festool Domino to domino the joint creating stronger waterfall. In addition to the domino we used West System Epoxy Resin to join the waterfall joints. West System Epoxy Resin is stronger than wood glue and was need in this application. The length of the tables called for support in the middle to eliminate sag. Our team fabricated angle iron and a custom made bracket in our metal shop Porter Iron Works. These brackets stretched under the length of the table. We then sent the tables over to our finish shop Bjorn Company.  


In the end the customer was extremely pleased with the tables and the experience, because the tables are located at Sky Harbor International Airport we have not yet been cleared to send our photographer to snap photos as of yet. We will update this post with photos once we are able. 

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