Modern Makers with Thomas Porter

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BUILDING THE BUILDERS! Welcome to Modern Makers, a class meant for young adults 11+ yrs. This class is an intensive study of what it takes to make things. We will study modern manufacturing practices and introduce you to a world of makers and materials from all across the globe. This class will help inspire and prepare you to build like you’ve never built before. We’ll include vocabulary and industry vernacular to help you navigate the industrial world a little better. Each week we will add a new class to the website and encourage you to share it online so that other people can become inspired to learn too. Thanks for participating and we hope you have as much fun as we do making things! (Starts Sept 7th)





Finding ways to inspire creativity and a desire to pursue ideas.


Learning techniques and technology that allow us to better our craft.


See a project from concept to finished product.


The money behind the maker keeps the projects coming.

CLASSES: (New posts each week during the semester)

Crank Up the Volume

Class 5 - Thursday, October 5th 2017 October 5th, 2017 - "Crank Up the Volume" Class Outline: TV Actuator Case Project Progress • Review of the challenges of making the TV actuator case. Testing the actuator. 3d Printing • (2) 3d...

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Keep Them Riveted

Class 4 - Thursday, September 28th, 2017 September 28th, 2017 - "Keep Them Riveted" Class Outline: Start Construction on TV Cage • Show anodized aluminum square tube extrusion • Show nylon connections and nylon connections with...

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The Art of the Sale

Class 3 - Thursday, September 21st 2017 September 21st, 2017 - "The Art of the Sale" Class Outline: Design Space Review: • Looking over the hotel room project sketches Industry Professional Visit • Dawn Grove - Karsten Manufacturing...

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Getting Artsy Fartsy

Class 1 - Thursday, September 14th 2017 "Getting Artsy Fartsy" (Video and in-depth info coming soon...)  Class Outline: Drafting/Tracing Intro • Drawing in Perspective • Tracing for Interior Design • Use of colors/textures in perspective...

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Getting to Know You

Class 1 - Thursday, September 7th 2017 September 7th, 2017 - "Getting to Know You" Class Outline: Intro • Pop Quiz - *See below - Click "Start Quiz" • Drawing Utensils and Supplies Handout (Click for Amazon Link when applicable) - A4 Ultra-thin...

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