Live Edge Slabs


Live edge slabs are unique and interesting. They make beautiful projects and many people are using them to add that organic look back into what was once a sterile or dull environment. We have built many live edge projects ranging from mantles and tables to staircase treads. The uses are endless and the look is unmatched. We slab trees in Northern Arizona and across the valley utilizing dead standing trees and forest fire recovery as well as landscape trees. In addition to our slabs we will occasionally get in special interest pieces. Arizona species include but are not limited to: Walnut, Oak, Alligator Juniper, Ponderosa, Mulberry, etc. In addition to our local slabs, we bring in live edge slabs from back east as well. Those species have included but are not limited to: Ash, Oak, Walnut, Sycamore, Spalted Maple, Maple, Spalted Hackberry, Cherry, and more. What we have at the yard changes from day to day as we are opportunistic about what we get in. We also like to let the slabs acclimate and/or dry in a stickered environment before they sell because they have a life of their own if they are still high in moisture content. For more information about our slabs pay us a visit or call.

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