Beams vary from one to the next in both species and the surface. you will find three types of beams typically on our lot:
• Hewn 4 Sides: These beams were hand hewn with an axe and have a very distinct chisel-like mark on the sides. These are typically on our 100-300 yr old barns.
• Hewn 2 Sides: These beams have the same marks on two sides as the H4S beams but two parallel sides have left the bark on or at least the live edge remains. They are typically wider on the hewn side. These are typically from our 100-300 yr old barns.
• Sawn 4 Sides: Typically referred to as “rough sawn” they have the visible saw marks from the original milling. These are most often from barns post late 1800’s and throughout the 1900’s.

White Oak: $6/bf
American Chestnut: $7/bf
Hemlock: $5/bf
Pine: $5/bf
Mixed Hardwoods: $6/bf

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